Top 5 things you’ll be able to do with GameBeat

In March 5, 2016

Receive calls with the shoulder buttons

We all know we shouldn’t answer our cell phone when driving, but we DO! To make it a bit easier to pick up a call you can just press any “shoulder” button on the back and that is it. No more opening screen covers, sliding your finger across the touchscreen and praying you’ll hit the right spot.

GameBeat controller

Take a picture with the OK button

Taking a picture on the touchscreen is easy, taking a selfie with the back camera – not so much. Now simply press the OK button on the GameBeat and it’ll take a picture for you.

GameBeat selfies



Curious about this controller?

We put together a giveaway where you can get one for free!

I want my FREE GameBeat!

Play games on Samsung VR gear or any other VR headset

VR is getting really popular and is becoming the IT thing among gamers and YES, you’ll be able to use GameBeat to control your VR games and never have to worry to take your controller with you because it will always be there – right on your screen cover.


Feel the buttons

You know how you can play games on PlayStation without ever looking at the controller. Same thing here. You are not just touching a flat surface and covering the beautiful graphic doing so, you are getting the feedback from nice physical buttons and that is really what it’s all about.

gamer images

Protects you from the worst day of your life!

The day your screen breaks is the worst day of your life. You can go bankrupt or stare at the broken screen for the next year or 2. WORRY NO MORE. GameBeat protects your screen and provides you with something to play around. You’ll never be bored or bankrupt ever again.

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