Special focus has been put on the GameBeat case as well. Two mechanisms had been considered at first.

  1. The screen cover would lock in place at 135 degrees
  2. The screen cover would lock in place anywhere the user wishes (like the laptop)

Ultimately the “lock in place anywhere you want” mechanism won, because people are not just playing games standing up or sitting down, they are also gaming laying down and that mechanism gives the user the full control.

GameBeat case

Four sizes and four colours of the GameBeat case will be available. The colours available are black, white, blue and pink.

There are 4 sizes of cases available:

  1. Up to 4.5”
  2. Up to 5”
  3. Up to 5.5”
  4. Up to 6”

With that pretty much every modern smartphone with Android 4.0 + O.S. will be able to use the GameBeat with the case.

For the LG G line and all the other smartphones with the volume buttons on the back, special cases with the cut out on the back will be manufactured.

Cases for the iPhone line will be manufactured specially for every model from the iPhone 6 up.

The GameBeat is fixed on the screen cover by suction pads. They hold the GameBeat firmly in place so you won’t loose it, but you can also detach it when you want to play a game on any other Android device (Tablet, TV sets…)

gamebeat case