5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Controllers for Smartphone Gaming

In July 7, 2016

Today I’ve rounded up some of the BEST Bluetooth controllers out there for wirelessly gaming on the go (or at home on your PC or any other Bluetooth enabled device such as tablet). If you have a gamer geek on your shopping list this holiday season, definitely gift them one of these bad boys. We live in an amazing time, Bluetooth controllers are more affordable than ever, they work better than ever, and the game support is getting there (if not already there for a lot of stuff). So without further ado, let’s dive into those controllers so we can get back to gaming!

GameBeat ($49 + Free Giveaway)


The most portable controller. Works with Android and iOS It’s attached to the screen cover, literally fits in your pocket and there is no need to carry around a backpack. It has a battery capacity of 6 hours and is fully charged in 45 minutes. The case is specially designed with friction hinge inside which allows it to lock in place at any angle you want.

Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Mobile ($49)

Mag Catz GameBeat

This one comes from Mad Catz, who have been in the game biz for quite a while, if you’ve grown up with gaming then you know them. I have had a few from back in the day, they were never great but they weren’t bad either – obviously that was years ago, the quality now seems top notch. Convenience is the theme with this controller, as it comes with a clip stand for your android phone (awesome!), you can get up to 40 hours of gaming out of the included batteries, and it can even navigate through your Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube videos, and more! For the price it’s definitely worth a look, although the latency on this one could be hit or miss based on the reviews – some users experienced no latency, very responsive while others had some laggy spots – it probably depends on where you are playing just as much as how, keeping the frequencies clear of disturbances is the way to go obviously, I’ve had issues before with my router frequency disrupting latency – so always check for that possibility too.

8Bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Classic NES Controller ($49)

Nes 30 GameBeat

Probably the most badass controller in the list – who doesn’t want a fully functional controller that looks like the NES Gamepad (but BETTER.)? NOBODY, that’s who. Everyone want’s that. Throw your money at the screen. THROW IT. Not only is it awesome, and functional, but it supports a lot of devices – winning. Plus everyone seems to really like it, so you probably will too.

POWER A MOGA Pro ($64)


The big brother of the previous MOGA controller – this one is a little pricier, and a little bigger. It is equipped with rechargeable batteries where baby brother had regular batteries, it also sports a little more range with the bluetooth signal.

Snakebyte iDroid:con ($49)


More along the budget lines – but gets the job done. This one sports a rechargeable battery as well as some funky retro features like rapid fire – YOU REMEMBER THAT? Of course you do, that feature was awesome (when it worked lol)! The Snakebyte seems to be platform diagnostic as well as has some other neat features like android mouse mode and mouse/keyboard functionality – worth a try at the price!

Well that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed this post – and hope it helped you make some sense of the Bluetooth controllers out there on the market today

What was your favorite controller? Is there a controller that you use all the time that we missed? Are there any Bluetooth controllers you really want or want to see? Let us know in the comments!